Sanyo Denki - F2

Comprehensive range of 2-Phase, Open Loop, Sanyo Denki Stepping Systems
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Includes a driver and a high torque motor for a DC input set model (unipolar/bipolar specifications) with a basic step angle of 1.8°, and covers a wide variety of applications, including industrial sewing machines, financial terminals, copiers and manufacturing equipment for semiconductors.
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Electric power supply Input mode
AC driver AC 100 to 240 V* Pulse
DC driver DC 24 V / 36 V Pulse

*42 mm motor: electric power supply AC 100 V to 120 V

Stepping motor
Motor size Basic step angle
14mm 1.8°
28mm 1.8°
42mm 1.8°
50mm 1.8°
56mm 1.8°
60mm 1.8°
86mm 1.8°
Ø106mm 1.8°
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